Week 1 – Yikes!

I was SO excited to start this course, because it has been a very difficult few years and I was very excited to have a team of enthusiastic, supportive people work through a curriculum with me to reframe my mind to put the past in the past and create greatness in the present and future!  But MAN, has it been HARD!  The first 10 days of class, I am visiting a close friend out of town and it has been nonstop action during my visit and I am beyond exhausted physically and mentally as I work to keep up with my host.  I listened to the webcast and knew I had to read the Og Mandino book 3x daily and write my DMP, and I have been struggling to get those readings done each day, often so tired when I am doing them that I have no idea what I just read.  I completely forgot the part about reading the Blueprint Builder and Master Keys daily until I was looking for the information on how to write my DMP tonight, and we haven’t sat down for 15 minutes any day I was here, much less practicing my sitting still for 15 minutes!

A big part of me says tojustdo vacation and then start all of this stuff when I get home and things alm down, but I have to remind myself that that is my old programming, and I have been saying the “I will ____________ as soon as things calm down” for years, and my life will likely not be calming down anytime soon!  So the chaos and exhaustion of this week is as good a time as any to work on following through with the commitment to change, even when it is a challenge and not convenient, as that is where real change lies, th change that comes from committing to doing things the most when you feel like doing them the least.  There will never been a “good” time to start, so I must make now my start, for if I continue to wait for the right time, my life will never change where I actually achieve the right time.  And so I recommit today to filling in the pieces of the system I have been missing so far, because I want my life to change, so I have to change.


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