Week 8 -When Did EVERYONE Start Driving My Car???

Have you ever noticed that once you get a car, you all of the sudden notice

I drove this vehicle for 11 years so I saw them EVERYWHERE.

that SO MANY PEOPLE are driving that same car???  Those cars were always there, we just didn’t have our attention on them so they were always just background to us.  Master Key is proving to be the same experience!

The world is filled with so much bad news.  People thrive on it!  I saw Cecil the Lion posted by almost ALL of my Facebook friends.  A powerful or inspiring story?  Maybe shared by 1-3 tops.  But it’s out there!  We just have to train our attention to find it!  My “Ah HA!” moment this week came when I was getting my hair cut yesterday by a new woman.  She started talking about taking 15 minute power naps in the afternoon.  I told her I wished I could do that and she said she worked for EIGHT YEARS to train her brain to do 15 minute naps.  She saw her father doing it when she was a child and she wanted to learn, so she kept working on it every day until one day, she could nap!  15 minutes later, without an alarm, she would wake up refreshed, every day!  She said, “It’s all in our minds, you know?  We can do ANYTHING we truly believe we can do, we can train our mind, but it takes a lot of hard work, patience, and not giving up.  That’s why most people don’t succeed.  They don’t have the patience and they give up too soon.”

HOLY CRAP, BEAUTY SHOP LADY!  Did you seriously just SAY that???  She worked daily for EIGHT YEARS to learn to NAP because she had a vision that she was going to be able to do it someday, and she was never going to give up until she achieved her vision.  How did a conversation about powerBeauty-and-Wisdom napping just tie in EVERYTHING we are learning in MKMMA and training our brains for success?  And I hadn’t even mentioned a THING to her about the course I am taking.

But that’s the point, right?  People, connections, wisdom…everything you need is already out there in the Universal if you start paying attention and noticing it.  And if this woman was willing to work daily to learn to NAP for eight years, surely I can keep kicking my butt into gear to faithfully put my daily effort into learning to change my life!  I left there with inspiration and an amazing haircut.  Win!

P.S.  I have been busting my TAIL to get caught up in this course and it feels amazing!  Finally got my movie poster done and all my shapes hung up.  LOVE IT!  Once I got past my mental block about it, it was actually really fun to do!  I am working on focusing on the positives that I got it done and am enjoying it now rather than beating myself up that I was a few weeks late.  I love to hear the effect these exercises are having on other people to get excited about getting these things done!

P.S. II  Was mowing the lawn today and started thinking back to this mower repair guy who screwed me over about a year ago and I got upset.  It was just $40, and I was still holding onto the resentment a YEAR later!  I thought of my MKMMA lesson and LET IT GO!  The long-term resentment costs me a lot more than $40!  Powerful stuff!


6 thoughts on “Week 8 -When Did EVERYONE Start Driving My Car???

  1. Donna, great job on letting the anger go!!!

    How uncanny that your new stylist would be able to tie everything we have been learning together, without a mention from you about this course. And wow – 8 years to learn to power nap!!!! I tell you, I have a lot to learn from her!!! Thanks for sharing with us. This was a really inspiring post. 🙂


  2. Congratulations on diving in intensely. I have no doubt the universe will respond in like fashion! I appreciate your post. Next time I’m down or feeling behind, I’ll pull it up to remind me that others backslide a bit too.


  3. This was an awesome post! The “HOLY CRAP BEAUTY SHOP LADY” line was well put by you, I don’t think I could have said it better myself! 🙂 It really is amazing how often these type of things happen when we are ready to notice them. Great focus by Beauty Shop Lady too! I’ve been trying to take 15 minute naps for 20 years, but can’t seem to get them under 2 hours………I better keep practicing!


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