Week 13.5 -Christmas Disasters Averted Thanks to MKMMA!

Christmas was such a great time to practice my MKMMA.  Here are just a few stories of how:

  1. download (7)Out shopping, I practiced “What was the best thing that happened to you today?” with the store clerks.  One girl, early 20s with colorful dreadlocks, said she was so happy to wake up feeling refreshed and happy, but that she was grateful for that every day!  The same day, my friend met an extremely wealthy retired woman who, in answer to that question, could not come up with one good thing that had happened that day, or really any day.  What a huge wake up call that our abundance is truly within ourselves, and no amount of money is going to make an emotionally bankrupt person happy, and no amount of money is needed to make an emotionally rich person happy.
  2. One of my cousins apparently decided the county jail was serving a better Christmas dinner than us, so she did not make it.  Our family’s normal inclination would be to gossip, but instead, I utilized the Og scroll that says, “Always do I dig for reasons to applaud; never do I scratch for excuses to gossip.  When I am tempted to criticize, I bite on my tongue.”  I made a conscious effort to say, “Oh, that’s too bad.  But I am so glad everyone else we love was able to come today to enjoy this wonderful Christmas dinner Vanessa prepared!” and amazingly enough, the gossip stopped and people turned to other things!  And it felt REALLY good not to talk down about someone!
  3. The-Law-of-Substitution-IIMy 78 year old mother made a bad judgement call bringing up some things to my cousin that really hurt her feelings.  I used the Law of Substitution…instead of hashing out what my mom said with her, I kept bringing her back over and over to talking about what a wonderful time we’d had preparing Christmas dinner together and reliving all the fun times.  It didn’t take too long before she was smiling and hugging me, telling me she loved me and how special things were.  If I’d just kept talking to her about what had upset her, the Law of Growth says it would have gotten bigger and bigger.  Instead, it dissipated and we were both left feeling happy and grateful for the GOOD things.
  4. Lastly, seeing how much my mother has declined functionally, and realizing that, if I am being honest with myself, she is on or over the edge of not being safe for independent living anymore, well, it’s pretty heart-wrenching.  I started feeling really sad again, about losing my mom the way I knew her, and also about losing our family home if we have to sell it and move her where she can have help.  And then I realized that I could make the choice to keep feeling sad about this situation and feeding those icky peptides so I would keep feeling sad, or I could use the law of Dual Thought to instead choose to feel grateful for 36 wonderful years with my images (9)amazing mom, and grateful that I am able to love her and care for her with dignity like she has loved and helped everyone else in her life.  I can choose to focus on losing this house, which will just further ensure that happens, or I can dig in deeper to my Definite Major Purpose and believe the house is already mine and work harder on the things I need to do to make that a reality in my subconscious so it manifests in my conscious world.  And so I am choosing to dig deeper, keep using my new skills, and, while I will be authentic and acknowledge my feelings of grief, I will then redirect them back to these feelings of gratitude, hope, and power to create the world I want.
  5. images (10)The “Do it now!” affirmation has been just AMAZING in my life.  There are so many things, big and small, that I just feel a COMPULSION to do right away now, and it feels SO GOOD when I get it done, especially later when it would have come up again, or when I would have faced minor or major consequences…except now everything is good because it’s DONE!  This former world class procrastinator is on the wagon and feeling great because of it!

4 thoughts on “Week 13.5 -Christmas Disasters Averted Thanks to MKMMA!

  1. I LOVE your sense of humor and the skill you have in pulling this all together in your life. I just had to laugh out loud at reading #2 — your cousin decided the county jail had a better offer — mastery of positive thinking!


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