Week 14 – 100

After weeks of turning less than perfect performances on my MKMMA daily work, and after reading the blogs of some people with some very hectic schedules who make MKMMA a #1 priority and manage to get all their daily exercises done, I decided that this week was going to be 100%, and I busted my tail for it.  Did a sit in my car in an abandoned parking lot on the way to meet someone, did one session of readings in a bathroom stall at a meditation center before the program started, did my daily exercises, 40 minutes worth, sometimes at 3:00-5:00am or later after staying up all night helping family, even though I was dozing off during it.

But the point is, I promised myself that I would do every daily exercise this week, and I kept my promise…including writing this blog by Friday night when I am pretty sure I caught the plague my extended family has had and I can barely hold up this phone. But I did it.

And now, the Gal in the Glass says I look like crap and should get some sleep.  I am looking forward to feeling good enough to be excited about this accomplishment later.  😉





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