Week 14.5 – Easy Come, Easy Go

Being sick today, once I regained enough capacity to do SOMETHING, I decided to read some blogs from other MKMMA class members.  What I caught from most was that they, too, are overwhelmed with the amount of work for this class, and many don’t get everything done that we are supposed to get done to say we are 100% on track, but they also see PROGRESS and they are going to KEEP GOING to be the best they can be.

It just reminded me that what this is representative of is REAL change.  It’s hard, it’s a lot of work, it’s mundane and repetitive, it can sometimes be one step forward and three steps back, and it is so gradual it is not even noticeable day to day.  And when the changes you are making look like that, you know you have a really good shot of them actually manifesting long-term in your life.

Unfortunately, in this instant gratification world, everyone is looking for a way around that.  Can’t I just take a pill?  Get a surgery?  Win the lottery?  Read a positive quote?  Go to a weekend seminar and change my life?  You would think people would have figured out by now that anything that comes quick and easy rarely sticks.  There are no magic answers for change in this world and if your change comes quick and easy, it means you haven’t had the time to develop the skills needed to sustain it, and you will likely lose it.  It’s why people who get gastric bypass surgery often end up obese again.  Why people who win the lottery often end up broke again.  Why people who get inspired at a weekend event are back to their old patterns of thinking and acting by the next week.  It’s also why I was SO excited that the Master Keys Mastermind Alliance course was 26 weeks.

26 weeks of hard work, repetitive exercises, taking steps forward, slipping backwards and committing to charge forward again, and changes so gradual that sometimes I don’t even notice them, but am shocked and happy when OTHER people make comments about seeing positive changes in me.  And, because I AM seeing the changes, it just propels me to keep going!

So I am like many people, working to keep up, and feeling perpetually behind, but so happy that I am making progress.  I am grateful for 26 guided weeks to develop a powerful implementation and sustainability plan for my change.  Easy come, easy go, and since this has been HARD, I know it’s going to stick with me for a lifetime!  I can’t wait!


6 thoughts on “Week 14.5 – Easy Come, Easy Go

  1. How awesome, Donna. You nailed it! And yes, progress is HUGE. You really ARE making progress, if nothing else, as a person who inspires, and someone who teaches, shares and gives to others — the wonderful keys to success. Thanks!!


  2. Yes you certainly did nail it. I have had a good week a bad week and i keep coming back and pushinh on as im sure many others have done. It is alot of work and sometimes its hard to keep up with our jobs and lives. I like you continue to put in the effort and the rewards are fantastic. Keep up the great work. It was great reading your blog today. Thanks.


  3. I find some of the “stuff” I am not ready for when they give it to us but I just keep doing the daily reads, cards, and sits. Then like magic two or three weeks later Bam — thats what they meant and I do it.
    I usually take a daily 30 minute walk most times listening to my recorded DMP and Blueprint. After finishing both yesterday I was listening to a song by Israel Kamakawiwo’ Ole “Over the Rainbow”, Bam — I was SINGING it!! Then it hit me, I’m walking down the street singing two days into 2016 what a change. I’ve never done this before. Must be MKMMA.


  4. Heck yeah!! You are on point. I am an instant gratification girl myself, also perpetually behind. But I am become a better person and so are you! Master Key is the bomb! Love the post. Can’t wait for the next one!


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