Week 17 – MKMMA Take Me Away!

I got home last Friday evening from nearly a month out of town, and oh my god did I hit the ground running.  It has been so nonstop busy since I got home all day, all night, and overnights of being woken up all through the night by clients, that I got virtually nothing done with my MKMMA homework and could, for the first time, honestly tell the Gal in the Glass that I did my best, there just literally was not a free moment in the chaos.  Through it all, some of the MKMMA principles stuck with me.  The “Do it now” affirmation has been life changing, and so many times now, I feel a deep compulsion to just take care of things right away I would have put off in the past, and it makes my life SO much easier!  The relief I feel when I come across something that I have already done for myself is just amazing, and I love myself for doing it!

And through the chaos, exhaustion, and frustration of this week, rather than feeling despair, I felt compelled.  It was just further confirmation that what I am doing now is NOT what I want to be doing long-term, and I was comforted by the fact that I had the MKMMA principles, exercises, and plan behind me to be working to create something different for myself so I don’t have to KEEP experiencing this level of exhaustion and chaos!  Things will start leveling off tomorrow, and I am very excited to get back into the comforting rhythm of the MKMMA work, knowing I am working daily to build the me who will be giving me the peaceful, harmonious life I want.  Can’t wait!


6 thoughts on “Week 17 – MKMMA Take Me Away!

  1. I too agree with the DO IT NOW mantra, they are all good. My favorite is the I am Whole Perfect… That one brings me back to center. Isn’t calming to know that you can always come back to MKMMA!


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