Week 21 – Moving Forward!

Ahh, a couple weeks now of sleep, a huge reduction in my at-home work stress, and not being so overextended.  SHEER BLISS.  And what is even more amazing is the return of my higher level thinking when my base needs started being met.

I had a talk with a friend, and he reminded me that I’ve been saying how much I wanted a change in my career for about a year now.  He said that I was tied to it because the part of my personality that liked to help, in this case, dogs (as I am doing in home dog training).  I said that was not it at all, and if it weren’t for money, I would quit this tomorrow because I hated it (not the dogs…I love them, but the stress of having them in my home 24/7 without a break, being woken up each night, barking, cleaning up accidents, the stress on my own dogs, etc.).  He said that the very fact that I hated it so much was what was just tying me to it more.  I thought on that a lot, and he was right.  We learn in MKMMA that emotion is what ties us to outcomes, right?  So I had lots of emotions about the physical, emotional, and mental stress this was causing in my life, and was so wrapped up in that that I wasn’t able to truly focus on the happy emotions for the things that would change that in my life!  So what was I getting?  Lots of focus on what I wanted to move away from, and no focus on what I wanted to move towards, so no movement AT ALL towards a different outcome.

So this week, I had 3 clients cancel unexpectedly, and two others decided to reduce the cost of their stay by reducing services.  It was BIG drop in expected income, and in the past, I would have started getting really worried about money.  Instead, I am using the Law of Dual Thought to attach gratitude and relief for the universe giving me the break I needed to refocus, recharge my body, mind, and spirit, gain some clarity through having the time and energy to be with my thoughts, and start moving forward with the things on my DMP.
And so, here we are!  I have started putting my plans into place and actively working towards them, have started visualizing what it will be like when they come to fruition, and it feels WONDERFUL!


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