Donna Wasielewski’s Interview with John Oliver

Austin, TX, USA – November 6, 2015 – 90% of people in America would be THRILLED to have more!  More what?  More life!  But what does that even mean???  Today, highly successful entrepreneur Donna Wasielewski shares the secret of how she went from struggling to make ends meet and find long-term purpose to helping people achieve dreams they didn’t even know how to have anymore, and in the process, achieving her own!

1398956932083.cachedIn his wildly popular online news show, Last Week Tonight, comedian John Oliver manages to do the near impossible….educate people of all generations about important issues in a way that is both intelligent and humorous!  One of his most popular videos of all time, “Wealth Gap (HBO)”, has nearly 9.2 million views on YouTube, showing that the masses do indeed seem to notice and care that their opportunities are shrinking.  In fact, in the last 50 years, the top 10% saw their income increase 70%, while the remaining 90%’s income stayed the same.

Tonight, in a rare change from his usual programming, he interviews Donna Wasielewski about her unconventional pathway to success in an effort to share some important information with the world.  Oliver states, “What would you rather have, a Jehovah’s Witness at your door, a friend who just got into network marketing on your phone, or Satan at your child’s first birthday party?  Yes, I’d choose Satan, too.”  Donna chuckles, and nods.

Oliver continues, “We know there is a problem.  Layoffs are huge, pensions are all but non-existent, every US household is, on average, over $7,000 in debt, around half of all Americans have no retirement savings at all, not to mention students who graduate deeply in debt and find themselves working at Starbucks because they can’t get a good-paying job with health insurance.  And yet, the prevailing notion of go to college, get a job, work hard, and everything will be fine prevails.  Phew, guess we can see why anti-depressants are such hot sellers!  How did you break out?”buyer-persona-starbucks-2-638

Donna replied, “Man, I’m depressed now, too!  (chuckles)  A really interesting series of events happened to me that led me to a secret hidden behind a door many look at, some open, but few truly walk all the way through.  I admit, I stuck my toe in at first, too, and jumped back out!”

Oliver said, “Wait, are we talking about going to Narnia or making some money?”  Donna laughed and replied, “Well, it was kind of like Narnia, or the Matrix, or anything else like that.  What seemed very real was not real at all.  I followed the path we were supposed to take…get good grades, go to college, even got a Master’s Degree, get a job where you will get retirement…and yet I was working 2-4 jobs, little free time, and still not making enough money to get ahead.  I followed the plan, and I was stuck.”

With a sly smile, Oliver said, “Wait, was the Matrix reference going back to Americans’ dependence on anti-depressant pills?  I am partial to the little blue ones myself.”  Donna laughed and said, “People are looking for other ways.  They want to have a parent stay home with the kids.  They want to be able to save money.  They want to be able to afford experiences like vacations.  And all of those things are hard but for a select few in today’s economy.  But there is a way, and I discovered it.”

images (5)Donna continued, “I discovered a science and common sense based system that changes the game for having a home-based business.  I collaborated with several other key people to sharpen this system and then we launched it, building businesses that have already helped thousands at least double or triple their income with just 12-15 hours a week, which allowed them to start living the life they really wanted but were too tired or broke to live.  We brought parents home to raise their kids, provided quality time together and reduced money stress for couples, which saved many marriages, and provided many people with the means to help make the world a better place because they had the time and money to put towards their favorite causes.  We reduced stress, provided more time for rest and fun, and the snowball effect it has had on people’s quality of life and the strength of the community in general has blown us all away.”

Oliver said, “(sniff, sniff, sniff)  Do you smell that?  Smells like something that is too good to be true!”

Donna laughed again and said, “Yes, it sure does!  But I am living my dream.  In just 5 years, I am making over 11x my network-marketing-training2previous income, with just 15 hours a week of work instead of 50.  It’s allowed me to pursue some really incredible personal development courses that changed me and the course of my life.  I was able to buy the beautiful lake house my mother built with her retirement savings to keep it in the family, and I now have the amazing husband to share it with!  I was able to focus more on my health and I love the way I look and feel, I funded some really incredible causes to continue to make the world a better place, like my Kids-N-K9s program, a dog training therapy program for at-risk kids and shelter dogs.

Chances-of-Success“That program taught me that you can’t do it all yourself and have it be maximally successful or at all sustainable.  The exact same thing applies to business, which is why network marketing is so powerful!  I love the model of ‘the more you give, the more you get’ and ‘work smarter, not harder’.  I think those things are the essence of network marketing done right and, when this system is applied correctly, you would likely find yourself more welcome than Satan!  In fact, it has opened up our ability to work with people to help them learn how to start to dream again and not just settle for ‘good enough’”.

Oliver said, “Well, though I’m not used to spreading messages of hope and happiness on this program, I do have to admit that this sounds interesting.  Thank you for coming on our show today.  For all you gloom and doom lovers, we will be back to our regularly scheduled program tomorrow!”


4 thoughts on “PRESS RELEASE

    1. Thanks! The program is my passion…I started it in 2008 when I worked for a county government. Now I do it as a contractor and I just realized through this course that I hate it! I don’t like making my passion into a JOB where we are haggling over pricing and logistics rather than just focusing on helping the kids and dogs! So one of my goals is to make enough money in other areas that I can build it as a non-profit and GIVE it away! But I LOVE LOVE LOVE doing it! Here is the website for the program. It needs to be updated, though!

      And thank you so much! I really appreciate the kind words!


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